Earn Passive Income With SafeFairMoon 🚀

The community token behind SaferDeFi.com. A part of all transaction fees goes directly to you, plus there will be buybacks & burns funded by SaferDeFi revenue.

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Why SafeFairMoon?

The token was created with you in mind. As a holder you will be rewarded through various mechanisms. The only thing you need to do to benefit is to buy SafeFairMoon, keep it, and watch as you get more of it over time.

Unlike many other tokens, SafeFairMoon, through its integration with the SaferDeFi.com Platform, has utility from the start and is built on an already working and profitable business model.

SafeFairMoon Planet

Rising Scarcity.

SafeFairMoon becomes more and more scarce over time. Supply is constantly reduced by buying back SafeFairMoon through SaferDeFi revenue and then burning it off. In total there were 5 billion SafeFairMoon, but currently there is only ~4.3 billion left in circulation. In a year's time, there could be significantly fewer again. The fewer there are, the fewer people can have it, the more valuable it becomes.

Passive Income.

Whenever SafeFairMoon is sent, a transaction fee is charged. Half of the fee goes proportionally to you and all other holders. The other half is used to support the price by adding it to the liquidity Pool. This means that those who simply hold with strong hands get more and more over time, while at the same time the price floor is actively supported to go up.

SAFU Community.

There were no developer, team or marketing tokens at launch. We are 100% community driven. Just like you and everyone else, we have and had to buy our tokens on the open market. The liquidity is locked until January 2100, the contract is safe and ownership has been renounced, so no changes are possible. There is no way to sabotage the Spaceship!

How exactly does it work?

Whenever SafeFairMoon goes from a sender to a receiver, a 2% transaction fee is automatically charged. These fees fund the passive income you are rewarded with and support the price floor.

  • 50% goes proportionally to you and the other holders in the community.
  • 50% is used to provide liquidity in the SafeFairMoon trading pool.

More liquidity in the trading pool ensures a higher price stability, even if larger amounts of SafeFairMoon are sold at once.

In addition, a percentage of all revenue generated by SaferDeFi.com will be used for SafeFairMoon buybacks. The purchased tokens are then sent to the burn address, which effectively and irrevocably destroys them forever. The active reduction of the available SafeFairMoon is intended to increase the value of the remaining SafeFairMoon tokens.

SafeFairMoon Rocket
SafeFairMoon Astronaut

Why is SafeFairMoon safe?

The SafeFairMoon contract is immutable because ownership of the contract has been renounced. There is no mint function, which means that no one can mint new tokens. Liquidity is locked until January 2100. A rug is impossible.

You can check the source code yourself. Or read our self-audit for better understanding. To check the liquidity lock, you can click here. Select 'Binance Smart Chain' as your network and connect your wallet to DxSale website. Important: if you do not connect your wallet, the liquidity will be shown as unlocked!

By the way, there were no developer, team or marketing tokens. Everyone working on the project participated in the fair launch and bought tokens on the market, just like you.

Who runs SafeFairMoon?

SafeFairMoon is run by the community. We are a decentralized team based in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Germany, Malta, Indonesia and Australia. Our singular goal is to make the wild world of decentralized finance, safer and easier to understand for everyone.

The core team includes auditors who have worked for the Big Four, developers, designers, product owners and managers who have worked on projects for companies such as PayPal, Lufthansa, BioNTech and Bosch, as well as serial entrepreneurs who have a track record of building multiple companies in several countries.

Because our contract is immutable and secure as described above, there is currently no need for team members to be in the spotlight. Until further notice, the team has decided to remain anonymous.

SafeFairMoon Astronaut
SafeFairMoon Astronaut

All security related information on one platform.

You don't have to be a rocket engineer. SaferDeFi develops easy-to-use security tools and makes easy-to-digest cryptocurrency audits that give traders and investors peace of mind when exploring new investments.

SaferDeFi's goal is that projects list their tokens on SaferDefi with the same priority as is currently done with CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio or CoinGecko. We aim to be the future of Decentralized Finance Auditing.


Total Supply:


Burnt Supply:


Circulating Supply:


Token Name:


Token Ticker Long:


Token Ticker Short:



Binance Smart Chain


9 Decimals

Transaction Fee:

2% (50% to holders, 50% to liquidity)




Q2 - 2021

Stage 1

  • Conduct presale & fair-launch via DxSale
  • Lock liquidity until January 2100 via DxSale
  • Burn all remaining presale & development team tokens
  • Renounce contract ownership
  • Submit SafeFairMoon to BSCscan.com
  • Launch initial website & social media profiles
  • Begin initial marketing & community building

Q2 - 2021

Stage 2

  • Conduct first customer audits to make DeFi safer ❤️️
  • Start conception of the platform and create Whitepaper
  • Launch 10,000,000 SafeFairMoon Giveaway
  • Rebrand website, logo, and revise roadmap
  • Finalise marketing strategy and kickstart campaign
  • Announcement of platform brand name
  • Platform release v1 — 'Hello World' / Pre-Launch 💪
  • Announce and release Whitepaper
  • CoinMarketCap Listing (requested by community)
  • CoinGecko Listing (requested by community)
  • Blockfolio Listing (requested by community)

Q2 - 2021

Stage 3

  • Continue to conduct customer audits
  • Start platform development 🚀
  • Approach industry-leading auditors for partnerships
  • Approach industry-leading IDO platforms for partnerships
  • Platform release v2 — 'Early Bird' / Basic functionality 💪
  • Consider strategy for upcoming token buyback and burn
  • Consider strategy for upcoming CEX and DEX listings
  • Inventory and define further roadmap for Q4/2021

Q3 - 2021

Stage 4

  • Continue to conduct customer audits
  • First official token buyback event 🔥
  • Preparation to reward holders further
  • Platform release v3 — 'Sugar Interface' / Advanced Functionality 💪

The roadmap serves to provide an overview of our current planning.
Contents and timing are subject to change.

SafeFairMoon Community Fund

Community Fund

SafeFairMoon is 100% community driven. To achieve the common goal of a safer DeFi environment and passive income for the community, SafeFairMoon relies on the support of the community.

You can send any BEP20 token to the marketing wallet to support the SafeFairMission.


Donations will be used for promotions of any kind. SafeFairMoon aims for a very strong and dominant online presence. For this, SafeFairMoon needs labor, content and budget for other expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy SafeFairMoon?

You are really early. That's why a small tutorial is needed to explain how to buy SafeFairMoon. But don't worry, it's basically quite simple.

You can buy SafeFairMoon on PancakeSwap.com with any wallet app that has a so-called dApp browser. We recommend Trust Wallet by Binance.

What device are you using?

  1. Download the Trust Wallet App
  2. Click on the "Buy" button
  3. Choose "BNB / Smart Chain"
  4. Select the amount and click on "Next" and finish the purchase
  5. If you are an iPhone user, click here and "Open" when you are asked to "Open this page in Trust" to enable the dApp Browser in the Trust Wallet App
  6. Click the "Browser" button at the bottom of the Trust Wallet app.
  7. Click here to purchase SafeFairMoon.
  8. PancakeSwap will show the message 'PancakeSwap V1 is no longer supported'. This isn't the case for SafeFairMoon. Click the grey little checkbox and click 'Continue to V1 Anyway'.
  9. Confirm "I understand" that you want to add SafeFairMoon
  10. Make sure PancakeSwap V1 (old) is selected at the bottom.
  11. Make sure that you have enabled the "Binance Smart Chain" network. Otherwise you will get the error "Unsupported Chain Id". You can activate the network next to the URL at the top left of the app - even if you are already on PancakeSwap.
  12. Click on the blue "Connect" Button to connect your Trust Wallet to Pancake Swap
  13. In case SafeFairMoon isn’t pre-selected in the "To" field, click "Select a token" and enter the following contract address: 0xe5c5923843Ba152758773AF7Ea73c21793899135.
  14. Before you swap, click on the settings icon which you can find next to the timer icon  and set the slippage to 2.5-5%.
  15. Now you can set the amount you want to purchase and press the "Swap" button
  16. In case you can an error, increase the slippage a bit more and try again
  17. Confirm the transaction and wait until the transaction is confirmed
  18. That’s it! You are now one of us, a proud SafeFairMoon HODLER!

Why do I need to adjust the slippage?

Where can I find the latest price?

Why is this better than Safemoon?

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